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I made this part of my website to give other people a perspective on starting a website. Hopefully I have discovered in my own website enough useful information to be of help to others.

As I am writing this on the 2nd February 2012, my language website has around 2339 visitors a day with 7952 page views. I started my language dictionaries website at the end of 2005 so it has taken me just over 6 years to get this number of visitors. I have to say that for a lot of that time I haven`t done anywork on the website as sometimes I have lost focus and think for the small amount of money that I receive, it isn`t worth doing all the work.

It can take anywhere upto 4 solid weeks to translate a language like chinese with 30 categories and 2000 words translated. The difficulties involved in finding translations can really slow my progress, add to that, I only get evenings to do my translations as I have a real job so that stretched chinese to about 3 months. However, in the last two weeks I have managed to add the english-portuguese dictionary in 6 days straight work. That is a new record for me and I have to say I am incredibly focused at the moment. My earnings are more than £6 a day from adsense and this has made the job of translating feel justified. I have my drive back!

This is an update on 18th December 2016

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