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I like astronomy. Its mostly allowed to just exist without too many upsets

Large organisations

Space Telescope Science Institute

European Space Agency, ESA
Telescope Manufacturers
Celetron Telescopes
Major manufacturer of top quality telescopes.

One of the top professional/amateur telescope manufacturers.

Orion Optics
The UK`s top telescope manufacturer.

Japanese manufacturer of quality telescopes.

Telescope websites
The name speaks for itself.

Hubble Site
Another hubble site.

World Wide Telescope
Download the software, view the heavens. Uses data from many telescopes to create the night sky on your computer.

Thirty Meter Telescope
A work in progress telescope hoping to be the next generation observatory on earth.

Institute for Astronomy, Mauna Kea Observatories
Mauna Kea in Hawaii houses many telescopes. Follow links to go to many of these telescopes websites.

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