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Google Ranking Drop

Google ranking drop

2016 will be remembered as one crap year. Early on in January my numbered of visitors from google dipped slightly from a peak of 2000 visitors a day to around 1500. As well as the poor performace of google adsense over the last 2 years it means I`ve only made around £40 a month for what seems an eternity.

After a couple of months the visitors started returning and I got to a peak of 2600 a day. The money side also increased until I was just getting over £60 a month again. That was the first time in over 2 years that I would receive payments from google in consecutive months. It was not to last however.

Something drastic occured at the end of October. Google analytics and Google webmaster tools started to show a decline in visitors. Well, I just took a screen shot of my visitor numbers and here is the result.

My website is effectively dead! I don`t really know what happened. I didn`t change a thing and I`ve always been careful not to use Black Hat SEO techniques. I don`t buy facebook likes and I`ve done my best to make the website mobile friendly but it seems that I`ve been seriously shafted by Google. Thank god for the day job because if this was a website I based my life on I would be royally screwed.


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