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Content rules the internet.

The internet is the perfect platform for content. Write a page, put it on your website, and sooner or later people will find it. The more interesting and authorative, the more chance you will get more visitors. You have to choose wisely what to concentrate on. Should you do topics that others do, or try to find niche markets. Perhaps you have original ideas for new types of websites. Whatever you do, you have to write the pages in the right way.

Every page should have a title, description, and keywords. These are extremely important for search engines. Make sure they also relate to your chosen topic. Google is known to punish websites that have titles and discriptions that don`t have any similarity to what is in the page itself. Of course the punishment just means that your page will be shown towards the end of the results, and that can mean millions of positions away from the top spot.

Lets face it, number 1 in the search results is what we wish to achieve, and content is the first way to get there. It isn`t the whole story in google which also uses your page rank to work out your position. In fact, most search engines have their own way of ranking your website, so they all use ranking as well. The ranking will only increase from the content you have, so don`t concentrate on the page rank until you have the right content. The content of your page doesn`t have to be words. Pictures and other multimedia can also bring visitors, but they take a long time to be scanned by the search engines. For a time I tried to capture visitors by creating a gallery section of what I thought were a nice collection of photos. After 1 and a half years no search engine in the word had scanned those images. They were very easy to find for the search bots, and I`m sure I didn`t do any coding wrong. I checked it time and time again. Perhaps my website is just jinxed, but it focused my mind on concentrating on what my website does best. Original work, not copied anywhere else. I admit it doesn`t bring me millions of visitors, but that isn`t my aim. I have a website that provides something really useful for people that want to learn languages, and that helps to spread reputation, which increases links, and ultimately I get more visitors. My content is king.

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