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Directory websites can be good places to get your website listed. Many topics divided into subcategories ranging from colleges, world cultures, art, etc... Most have low pagerank, as many seem to be created weekly. They can still be good to apply too, and some of the larger directories have very high pagerank. Some are free, some have a startup cost, and others annual fees. Choose wisely, and you`ll gain extra visitors, and an increase in your google ranking.

Here is a list of common directories that play fairly. I`ve found that many directories ask for reciprocal links to different addresses than the directory website. A peculiar practise, and obviously a specific marketing strategy to improve the ranking of a mostly rubbish website selling useless products. It also means that the directory wouldn`t achieve a very good pagerank. Stay vigilent! pagerank 8, free to submit pagerank 8, free to submit, only educational, free resources to submit. pagerank 4, free to submit pagerank 3, free or paid submission pagerank 5, free to submit pagerank 2, free to submit pagerank 3, free or paid submission
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