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Useful places to promote your site.

Your main aim in promoting your site is to attract visitors, and to increase your ranking in search engines. Both can be achieved by using common and regularly used websites. Blogs, forums, magazines, social networking sites. All help to increase the awareness of your website.

Lets start with the magazine style website. Here you write articles relating to your website. You should try to write articles that are informative. Add links to useful resources relating to your topic, and add links to your own website. If you concentrate links exclusively on your website, people will just think you are marketing your website, and avoid your articles. You always have to balance the promotion aspect of your website, with at least trying to make an effort for visitors to the magazine sites.

Forums are a harder area to promote your website in. Most forums don`t like website links to your own website, unless they are specifically related to a forum topic, and even then you might find that the link is removed by an administrator. Informative websites/education websites are much more readily accepted, and cause less agravation to forum owners and users.

Blogs are an ideal way of sharing information about your website, you and your hobbies. You can be as biased as you want to your website just as long as you have good blog content. The downside of blogs is the number of blogs in existence. Way too many, and only those blogs that started in the beginning have really gained the large following crowds. That doesn`t mean you shouldn`t try, as writing a blog can at least create external links to your website and indeed many pages. That works in your favour for the google page rank, which should help to increase visitors, even if just a few.

One other extremely useful way of promoting your website is the social networking sites. Usually thousands of pages in the social network will adopt the same high page rank, in excess of 6 or even 7, and you make links point direct to your website. The high page ranking sites are rare for you to get a link on, so the network sites are a fantastic opportunity. I will just give you a little note about a couple of networks that don`t add anything to your page rank in google. Stay away from unless you have hundreds/thousands of friends on it already. It uses a dynamic link to another webpage that doesn`t add page rank at all! Oh, and myspace is also the same.

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