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What type of hosting do you need for your website, and what kind of facilities will you require?

When I first thought about the kind of website I wanted, I had to decide on a few things. Did I want a quick fix website, or something more substantial and adaptable. Did I want a website that would be around for years, or was I looking specifically short term. Did I want to make sure my website was future proof for millions of visitors or was I just preparing for a few hundred a year.

These are all important questions when you want to host your website in the right way. If you are planning a huge multinational corporate website, then you`ll be hosting it yourself on your own servers. Obviously you`ll also have millions of pounds to set up your system and technicians on standby if anything goes wrong. If on the other hand you are like me, someone who just thought of an idea and wants to see how far they can take it, you`ll be planning on hosting your website with another company.

The kind of hosting package is quite important. I chose to have unlimited downloads, unlimited storage space, and full control over my area with scripting as standard. I have big plans for my website and I started at a level that I hope will see my hard work developing over many years. I won`t have to change servers, or upgrade anything. Currently I have around 6000 files in my hosted space, and have downloads totalling about 295 Mbytes per month. I couldn`t have this type of website on a free hosted package. The limitations would have had me frustrated after about 1 week.

The type of hosting I have isn`t necessary for everybody. If you just have a blog with a few entries per month, you should find a free blog hosting site. If on the other hand your blog is set to be the definitive piece of journalism on a niche market, make sure you have full control and get a decent hosting package.

To be honest, hosting a website doesn`t cost very much in the uk. My fees account for around £36 a year, with the cost of registering and renewal of my domain name the only other costs I have. The company I host with also has webpage making software, and file uploading services. I don`t use them as I have a very sound understanding of programming computers, and working with technical programs, but they could be the perfect way to make a 10 page website.

Ultimately your dreams for your website and how much time you wish to dedicate to your chosen field of expertise should be the main consideration for your hosting package. You will be the one who either makes your website a success or a failure. Choose wisely.
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