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All about links.

Links are an important method of increasing your page rank, and they provide extra visitors. How do you get links? Mostly you have to go and find websites that will make a reciprocal link with you, in other words you exchange linking information. Really you should link with similar websites as those links get extra weighting in google pagerank. Other methods entail linking to professional linking websites, which I cover elsewhere in this website.

As well as finding links, others will find your website, and link to them automatically. The most successful websites have hundreds of links to and from their website. You have to be part of the internet community to receive from the community.

When you create your link page, you should also limit how many websites you link too from any page. Too many and the search engines again downgrade your website. They see it as link farming. A bad practise of trying to increase page rank purely by links in a website that has no other content. If you must have hundreds of links to other websites, split them up over your whole website. Have specific areas in each category, or subject just for the links. It will also make your site easier for the visitor to find useful resources related to each topic/subject/category.

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