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As a webmaster, I often wonder how well my website fairs compared to other websites. I like to know if my visitors increase, what kind of visitors I have, and whether they stay for a time before moving on to another interesting website. As I`ve searched for websites that can give me this information, I found the two that have the most trusted data regarded by professionals.

The first is You can find a lot of details about overall values of visitors and how your ranking changes over time. The more successful your website, the more detail you`ll be able to see. The top 100,000 websites get to see a daily chart of progress, and then I think it was websites over 1,000,000 get to see weekly changes in numerical form, and again around 5,000,000 sees monthly numbers

Here is my current listing in alexa Currently at its highest peak ever, it continues to grow steadily. About 1 ago I was ranked around 3,000,000 so as you can see, quite an improvement. However, position 500,000 relates to about 400-500 people a day. At least that is what my statistics say.

The second ranking website I found was I only found it in July 2008, so I`m still waiting to see the kind of data that will happen later on. The data seems much more specific than Alexa, as I had to insert a piece of code in my webpages. Quantcast is reading the statistics direct, however it doesn`t appear to be 100% accurate. I create my own statistics file as well as using matrixstats on my domain, and the figures of quantcast seem to be less than what I really get. Maybe they know something I don`t, but I`m still holding my judgement on them until I can validate their figures.

Here is my website details on quantcast

There is obviously one more ranking website that everybody should know about. Google. Each webpage on a website has a potential page rank. The more pages in your website, the greater the overall website total. However, that justs means to start, each page has a possible page rank of 1. For each link to and from pages in your website, the values can change. Also, every website that points to each individual page on your website can change your page rank for each individual page. I have found some problems with following the page rank, the biggest of which is how to get my .php files to rank. I`ve heard that every kind of webpage can be ranked by google, however, the .php files haven`t been ranked at all after 8 months. I know that isn`t right, as one of the pages dealing with the indonesian language has 128 links to it from external sites, and has had for more than half a year. To be honest the google page rank seems to be the least important thing for me to concentrate on. Web content and web searches bring visitors without having pages ranked. That is because I have huge content, which is what most websites should do, and most aim to do.
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