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What type of website do you want?

These days, it is almost impossible to find a type or style of website that hasn`t been invented before. That means you`ll be trying to steal the market share of visitors from other websites that already exist, and other websites that haven`t been created yet.

Are you planning on selling products online? Maybe you want a forum website or social networking site. Do you just want to make an information website?

If you want a website selling products, then you`ll be using scripting programs and database functions. The scripts will most likely be either php or cgi, both of which have huge amounts of resources online which will help you create that perfect shopping experience.

Forums and social networks also use scripting and again you`ll probably just use php or cgi. You`ll also need to think of the database aspect of automatic creation of records. Not to mention how to police such websites. There are quite a lot of people who will try to use your beautifully made and ultimately easy accessible website to advertise anything from pornography and viagra, to cool and usually quite anarchic websites.

If you are planning on a website that just gives information to people, you have the simplest type of website to create, but also the longest in terms of time needed to make something authoritive. One webpage on the type of fungus found at the bottom of your waste basket might sound like a good idea, but virtually no one will ever see it. Hundreds, thousands and even millions of webpages full of unique content will be what you need to get a large following of visitors. Also without many pages or with a poor quality level you`ll struggle to promote your website.

I chose my own website not through careful planning, but through a love of all things japanese. I started with one dictionary and it grew from there. I`m not entirely sure I would have chosen the same type of website if I had to do it again. I have to spend many weeks of research and many months of putting the research together to add just one new language. I try to earn money from it, through advertising, but even with inexcess of 800 visitors a day I make approximately 40 pence per day. This will never be my full time job. It is just a way to earn pocket money.
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