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I have found several methods of making my website more successful in search engines, and general usage. Search engines are always a problem to rank well in, and ranking badly can mean having virtually no visitors. Some simple steps can be employed to gain better positions in results as listed below:-

Most people don`t think about the filename of a webpage, but it is probably the most successful way of gaining positions. A webpage filename should be related to the topic you are creating, and should ideally be the words that you want people to search for and find you with. A common name like dogs.html would have to fight with all the other websites, but something more specific like yorkshire_terrier_dog.html would give you much greater chance of gaining viewers. Make sure you never save a webpage with a filename like file0001.html! It doesn`t help ranking at all.

Your title should also relate to the topic of the webpage. It doesn`t have to be identical to the filename, but depending on what you choose will definitely affect your search positions. I want you to think about something, lets say your topic is about the planet Neptune. Your filename could be astronomy_neptune.html and your title could be the same. You would gain maximum viewers from this combination if someone types "astronomy neptune" in a search engine. Now think about the filename being astronomy_nepture, but your title is Planet Neptune. Well, you wouldn`t get as good a result as "astronomy neptune" but you would have gained more viewers from "planet neptune". There is no way of knowing which would give the best results until you have tried both, however, I recommend that once you choose a filename, don`t change it. The reason for this is, it might disappear from search engines until they find the new filename. The title can be changed as many times as you like, and you will still stay in the search engine database. The same is true for any of the content on the page. You can change it as many times as you like, and the search engines will eventually update their snapshot of your page, without it disappearing.

Another method that I employ to try an improve my rankings is by linking pages in a certain way. If I have a page that I consider really important, I`ll have a link to it from all relating pages, but not from unrelated pages. This creates a website that people trust is laid out pleasingly, but also helps to rank better in google with page rank.

Now for a very important tip, never ever have webpages that are just shockwave/flash files. Search engines can`t read them at all. They are effectively invisible. HTML files, text files, and script files like php and asp create content that search engines can read. You have to remember, that a search engine reads the internet like a book. It doesn`t understand anything except words. Pictures, sounds, and movies don`t mean anything. The "filenames" of pictures, sounds and movies DO mean something and can be stored for search results. The other problem with multimedia files and movies is the download time. I`ve visited websites with a homepage that takes over 1 minute to load. Trust me, I`ve never waited to see the animation, and I`ve never ever gone deeper into those websites. A waste of time for the visitor, and a waste of money for the web owners.

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